Tuesday, July 10, 2007


For years I roamed around the Sierra Nevada Mountains mainly on my motor cycle (which could not carry much) or in my GTO (which couldn’t off-road). I always dreamed about getting something I could just drive onto BLM land (completely self contained) off-road and just get "lost." Not seeing anyone and being surrounded by that incredible scenery and water is just so irresistible to me. Woofy is set for that. Woofy is the name of my Jeep Wrangler Sahara.
Now that I am locked into a mortgage, a 5 day a week job, and upkeep of a home and pets, getting away for a month at a time is no longer a possibility. I can’t just get up and go fly-fishing and camping in the backcountry when the weather is right anymore. But with my new Jeep I know I could if I really need to. There is a sense of freedom even though it is not really real. Just driving the thing makes me feel like I can go where ever I want when ever I want. I think that’s the reason people get vehicles. It’s more of an identity of who you are (or what you want to be), rather than what you are.
So for now I settle for the occasional 4 day get away now and then. But if I really wanted to...

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Mack said...

It's not like I am being forward or anything, but your hot, I am 33, and I want you to .... damn, I need you to rip me open.

- J