Thursday, July 19, 2007


Gay pride is coming up in San Diego which made me start thinking about "GAY" pride.

When you say the word “GAY” what comes to mind? What do you see on TV when they cover a Pride Parade? How does TV usually portray gay men? The image that gays are portrayed as are “drag queens” or “flaming bitter queers” or "swishy feminine acting fags" or anything other than a masculine, strong, man. To me, it is demeaning. Gay men are portrayed as men, acting like or who want to live like women, and that is not what all gay men are.

I am a man. I love rare steaks off the grill, my built Jeep 4x4, weightlifting, beer & tequila, skydiving, downhill skiing, guys bars, levis, working on my house and yard, roughing it, the 300, and other real men. I am not limp-wristed, do not speak with a lisp, do not wear women’s clothes, am not feminine, not flaming, not afraid to get dirty or break a nail, and not considered to be feminine. I don’t like Karaoke or "show-tunes" or musical productions. I don’t swish when I walk. I am comfortable with my gender and enjoy other men who feel the same.

I don't care if you like wearing six foot high wigs and seaquined dresses and look like Divine. Just don't tell me that that is what being gay is all about.

I also hate the term "straight acting." What does that mean? If you don't act effeminate then your not acting gay? Does it mean your a man who acts like a man who likes pussy? It seems like feminine, swishy, drag queen stereotype has been forced on us to sum up all that is gay.

If I wanted to be with or date a person who is feminine, and soft and limp-wristed, I would be with a woman. That is why the stereotype “gay” does not fit me. I am a homosexual man, not straight acting, just a real man.

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