Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I have had a lot of jobs and none really are perfect. My best job was being as a Wilderness Ranger in the Sierra Nevada in the Toiyabe National Forrest in the Hoover Wilderness. It was so beautiful. I worked spotting fires, fixing trails, removing debris cause by avalanche, checking wilderness and hunting permits, search and rescue, and of course trash removal. The job itself was daunting covering 149,000 acres (75 square miles) alone. But just being there was wonderful. It was actually quite lonely. I would be alone for long periods of time, sometimes months. It was very low pay with no medical coverage. The conditions were also not the best in that I could only eat dried or canned food. There was no way to keep fresh food. There was no electricity, no refrigeration, no running water, and no motors were allowed. No motors means all cutting of wood had to be done by hand saw or axe. It was a lot of hard work but it was so incredibly beautiful.

Since then I have had better paying jobs, with medical, but have not liked any of them. It always seems like a trade off. You either love the job you have and get paid nothing for it or hate the job and make an actual living at it.

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