Monday, July 23, 2007

Tribal Son

We stopped by their booth at the Pride Festival and saw this gorgeous piece. Peter (who made the piece) explained it as "KHAN, Talisman worn only by the fiercest warriors. Inspired by the legendary Genghis Khan, It is fearless and driven to victory. Made of Solid Sterling Silver." I tried it on and it looked really good. John said, "do you want it?" I thought for a moment, weighed it out in my mind and said "yes, I do." I rarely buy things unless it's food. I don't like things that are mass produced and cheaply made. This was something hand crafted of good material and fine quality. Above all, it looked good on me. This really means something to me and always will. It is something like me and it was a gift from my one true love on a very proud day. I will wear this with pride and much love. It doesn't hurt that I do look fierce in this!

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John Hulsey said...

As soon as you put it on, I knew you were meant to have it. It's strong and powerful and perfect for you.