Monday, July 9, 2007

The News

I remember when the news was Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings... I remeber when important news was just that. When truth seemed more important than entertainment. Today I don't even try to watch fox news or for that matter even CNN. When gossip is called news for the purpose of shock or entertainment in the effort to boost ratings, news falls by the wayside. Do newsmen and anchors know we are still at war? I don't see it or hear about it anymore because it just doesn't get ratings. Instead I hear about who Britany Spears is screwing this week (like that matters in anyones life some how). "Is your dog phychic? News at 11" was the actual blurb I heard to get me to wath late night news. Tabloid gossip is what is now considered to be newsworthy. Why has this happened? Advertising. If more people watch a program they networks can charge more for advertising. The way to get more people to watch is by putting more coverage on things they want to watch like the chance to get a shot of Janet Jacksons tits. T&A is what America wants to see and that means advertising dollars. So the real stories of soldiers, marines and sailors who's families are being ripped apart by a war does'nt even get aired, but coverage of some spoiled brats "star" tits get the main focus. It seems you have to watch the BBC or the news in other countries to find out the real news here at home. What a shame people watch this scheit and give it any validity at all.

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