Monday, July 23, 2007

Courtesy isn't common

I've always heard the terms Common Sense and Common Courtesy. I've always thought everyone had them since they are "common." I'm finding it less and less common. It always bothers me when I go to the gym and people seem to be able to open a locker door, get undressed and into their gym clothes, workout, shower, get re-dressed and then can't close the locker door when they leave. They just leave it open unlike how they found it expecting that "the help" will come by and close it. Sometimes they just leave their towel on the ground instead of putting it in the used towel container. I think they still feel like their mother is still following them around picking up after them. Don't even get me started on re-racking your weights where they belong. People think that if they pay their gym membership someone else can hunt for the weights.

I am always amazed when you are at a table at a bars with friends and someone just comes up and puts an empty beer or glass on your table and walk away. The bar may be the same distance away from them but they expect that their trash belongs on your table where you can deal with it. I usually hand it back to them and direct them to the bar.

I was at my local bar this week when someone slammed into me smashing me into my table squeezing by. I instantly recovered and smashed back. I said you don't just smash into people, you say "excuse me" first and people will usually make room for you to get by. He said "Is that really necessary?" I said "no, not if you are an asshole."

There are a myriad of these type of actions people do to other people because they think they are the only person on the planet that matters. You know what I mean. That person on the phone who almost crashes into your car when they change into your lane without looking, without signaling or without getting a clue. Or the person who misses their turn on a busy street and decides to back up oblivious to the people they are blocking. Or the person in the passing lane who must think this is the lane where everyone passes you. Common courtesy seems to be dying very quickly.

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