Thursday, July 19, 2007


Right now there is this whole big thing on CNN & CSPAN on dog fighting and how cruel it is. An NFL player, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Vick, is accused of organizing dog fights and killing dogs in inhumane ways.

It seems it is ok to put an animal down like a horse if it breaks it's leg and will not heal. If an animal’s quality of life is not good enough to live we will humanely and mercifully put it down. Even if the animal can not tell us that is what it wants, we determine that for them. We are perfectly fine with putting these animals “to sleep” if their quality of life will not be good or they have no hope of living or are in too much pain.

Now, why is it that we can not give our fellow human beings, who can determine for themselves, if their quality of life is worth or not worth living, the same right? Why must we say human life is so sacred that it must be lived out to the last natural or un-natural, life supported second, no matter how much the pain or or how horrible that quality of life is? Why don't we respect human life as much as we respect animal life? Why can't we be merciful and humane to our fellow human beings?

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