Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Roberto's Spin-Off Thanksgiving

Roberto's is a chain of authentic Mexican
"taco stands" here in San Diego. There are also spin-offs of the Roberto's chain such as Alberto's, Humberto's, Aiberto's and on. This thanksgiving most everyone we know is either deployed, or going away for Thanksgiving, so instead of the huge Thanksgiving spread we put out every year, this year we just got involved with house projects. We re-painted one of the bedrooms (that Grant will be moving into), fixed the sump pump, stripped a bedroom door, ran electrical to two new outlets, built a shelving unit, ran telephone lines, coax cables, hung a TV, and re-routed computer lines. By the time we were hungry for food the only place we could think of that might be open was Roberto's. Of course it wasn't but one of the spin-offs, Aiberto's was. So three carne asada burritos to go later, it was time to eat and think of all the things we had to be thankful for.
Last year we had a house full of people including AJ (who is now in Iraq), AJ's mom from Prague and her good friends from London who now live in San Diego, John's mom and grandpa, my friend John Williamson who lost his mom the previous Thanksgiving, Donna who's family is in Canada, and various friends who have no family. It really was a wonderful Thanksgiving and quite different from this one. We still had lots to thankful for however. Everyone is still fine that was at last years Thanksgiving though many are very far away and in harms way. We have a home (though 80 years old) and jobs and loved ones. The fires are over for now and no one we know was injured or killed. We have the basics and we have love. What more could you ask for. Happy Thanksgiving 2007.

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John Hulsey said...

What more could I ask for? Nothing I can think of. I love you, mister.