Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brooks' MASH Bash!

Deadline : 18:00, MARCH 21, 2008. We made it!!! It was close but it came out incredible! Brooks was so surprised when he came over for a little dinner and some "paintball" and instead foud 50 people, a M*A*S*H set, full bar, music, Korean Bar-B-Que and feature video of himself all for him! It is really hard to see Brooks go to Iraq for a third tour. No ifs, ands or buts about it. So a propper send off is certainly deserved! His job is to get home safe to us!

It really turned out to be a great success and a great party! See the whole thing at http://woofsd.com/mash02.html

The next big event is Little Jon's and A.J.'s Homecomming!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

NOV 2007 - JAN 2008

Where did the time go? For 3 months all we did after work, on weekends and any spare time we had we worked on the house. Painting living room, dining room, Grant's new room and Grant's old room which we turned into a lounge. We steam-cleaned carpets, sewed new drapes, built cornice boxes, built furniture, installed new electronics, did faux finishes... but the end result was we got a beautiful comfortable place to hang out. The lounge is a theater room! It really is fun to go home!

The best thing about this renovation is John's Grandpa and cousin Sue came in from Austin and stayed a week! We took them to Disneyland, the Wild Animal Park and Scripps Institute! It really was great! We bought a cord of Firewood and a firplace heater and watched granpas favorite show "Two and a half men." it reall was all worth it! above is my favorite picture of Grandpa. He's just warming himself in front of the fireplace and smiling. He is a remarkable man and I just love being around him!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Farewell Brooks

Brooks has been called back to Iraq for a third tour. We are all hoping the third time is a charm. Now that it seems his life is together and he has a great girlfriend (Liz) it's getting torn apart again.
So we are throwing him a huge bash! It's a M*A*S*H Party! I am turning the inside of the house into a mash set. I am framing out the inside of the living-room and turning it into Col. Potters Office. The frame out of the dining room will become The Swamp. The backyard will become an outdoor Mess Hall and Rosie’s Bar. There is so much work to do on this one! Brooks thinks he is coming over for a little Bar-B-Que, but there will be 40 - 50 people there all dressed in MASH clothing. There will be the sign post with mileage to San Fran, Chicago, Little Rock, Baghdad, Tijuana... I hope to get a loudspeaker system going to make announcements. We will have a "M*A*S*H 4077 BEST CARE ANYWHERE" sign. John is working on a video of Brooks. Liz is getting party supplies and I am doing set and food. Phew!!! Dani our next door neighbor of Pacific Event Productions will be providing all the props. It will be great, but a lot of work! The party is set for March 21, 2008 at 6pm! Wish me luck!