Thursday, October 25, 2007

W and wildfires...

Horno, Coronado Hills, Rice Canyon, McCoy, Descanso, Poomacha, Witch Creek, and Harris. These are all names of fires in San Diego county this week that have destroyed over 350,000 acres, over 1,800 homes, more than 560,000 people evacuated (thats 1 out of 5 of the total population). Fires started last Saturday Oct 20th and as of today there has only been 10% containment. So far at least 9 are dead and hundreds of people hospitalized from smoke inhalation and respiratory problems.

The last time we had a fire season close to this bad was the Cedar Fires in 2003 promting president Bush to enact the "Healthy Forrest Act" which basically gave away our forrests to logging, which puts more sunlight on the ground and more moisture in the ground which grows more brush so we can have bigger wildfires. His wonderful new act that he claimed would eliminate wildfires has made his friends richer, and given us larger wildfires. Thank you for your lies Mr. President. Thanks W, for making our lives less safe on all fronts, foriegn and domestic.

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