Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Korean Bar-B-Que

It started out as a reunion weekend for Det-3 Vets. A few people John knows from past Marine Corps times were coming into town for a reunion at a Chargers football game. It went from a tailgate party to "why not make it a Bar-B-Que." Then it became it's own monster.

It couldn't be just some bar-b-que, it had to be better. Not just burgers and dogs, and not quite full steak dinner. It had to be beef and pork and sauces and rich tastes... what could fit that bill? Korean Bar-B-Que of course! Slices of Rib-Eye steak and pork marinated in sauces of kiwi and chili paste and honey! And of course there had to be a Bar-B-Que at each table! You cook your own food at your table as you talk, eat and drink with friends. That is all part of the charm. You don't get up and wander over to one central grill and fill a plate and find a place to eat and get back up for drinks and wander around. With Korean Bar-B-Que everyone sits together for the entire meal. There is no need to get up and wander around, everything and everyone you need is right there in front of you.

We have a very nice back yard. It has a tropical feel to it with ferns, banana trees, palm trees, bird of paradise and redwood. There are overhead hanging lamps, and garden lighting. It is the perfect place for a sit down meal. So all I need to get is the sit down part... Tables and chairs and tablecloths and the list goes on... Did I mention the list? Not only is the list of thing to get growing but so is the list of atendees!!! The count today is 22 confirmed, and growing. Have you ever had a dinner for 22 people?

We have the backyard deck stained and sealed, all I have to do is about 3 days of yard work, get tables and chairs for about 30 people, and prepare all the food. This will be a night to remember, I hope for all the right reasons. I'll let you know how it goes.

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