Monday, October 29, 2007


The big dinner in the backyard scheduled for last Friday was cancelled due to the wildfires. It was just to weird to do a big party while 1/5th of San Diego had been evacuated and fires still threatened communities. All of the San Diego Schools were closed for the week. People are calling to see if we have room to stay at our house while they are evacuated. We are calling others to offer our home. It is hard to get your mind around the statistics and the size of this thing. 560,000 people evacuated, more than 350,000 acres burned, 1,500 homes destroyed (not to mention business, commercial buildings & out buildings). We are literally talking walls of fire 50 feet high and up to 5 miles long as a front. So far only 9 deaths from a fire of this size. It is amazing!
No one is celebrating much of anything here. The fires literally put a damper on everything. Halloween celebrations in Hillcrest were downsized to very little on Oct 27th (Saturday). On the 28th the Chargers played the Texans at Qualcom to a nearly sold out crowd. San Diegans were willing to tell the country we support not only our team but also our city. So though it was smoky and subdued it was packed. Buckets were located at every gate for disaster relief and everyone was giving cash. We may be a little singed but we help each other in times of trouble. I am so proud of my city.

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