Tuesday, August 7, 2007


What the people believe, is true.

I watch a lot of History Channel. It has always seemed strange at how much history changes depending on who is telling it. It not only changes from culture to culture but generation to generation too. Depending on the perspective, one side of the story can go from wrong to right or victim to aggressor. We seem to take what the historians of our time tell us, like we are hearing the one and only truth.

Everyday we are bombarded with data that we need to make decisions on. This phone company has this coverage at this rate, another has a cheaper rate but the coverage is also less. Different gas stations sell gas at different prices on any said day. Projects, commitments, appointments are ever changing and shifting. Interest rates rise and fall as does inflation. Our money grows stronger or weaker. Brittany Spears shaved her head. Information is thrown at us and we have to decide if it is useless or useful and then chose to act or not act on it. I think people just get tired of filtering, deciding, changing, re-thinking so they go with the easiest route they can when it comes to the big questions. They depend on others to tell them what to think. History, religion, social values all tend to be left up to others as to what is right and wrong. Nobody is looking for truth, just status quo. Democracy rules judgment and values. Whatever is most popular now is what we believe because we don't have to think about it for ourselves. What a shame.

The one who tells the stories rules the world.

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